Our Mission:  The United Way of Wilson County Inc. 

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in Wilson County. 

Our vision for Wilson County must be transformed into reality through the

execution of our mission by:

Motivating people to help themselves.

Uniting the community’s volunteer fundraising efforts, thus allowing a large majority of our agencies energy to be concentrated on helping individuals.

Building and stimulating a strong spirit of caring throughout our community.

Encouraging all Wilson County residents to volunteer in making our community a better place to raise our families.

Educating the public about local human needs and how centralized fundraising better meets these human needs.

Assessing the changing needs of our community annually and responding accordingly.

Making allocation of funds based upon rational, compassionate thinking.

Operating in a cost-effective manner and reducing duplication of services, which will maximize the direction

of additional funds for our community’s growing human needs.

Maintaining financially sound agencies.

The United Way of Wilson County’s core values are:

  • Accountability – We should be accountable for our actions and able to reinforce the reasoning behind these actions.  As stewards of the funds, this is a minimum expectation from our community.
  • Commitment – We are committed to making our community a better place to live and raise a family is the essential core value of the United Way of Wilson County.
  • Caring – Interest in the human spirit defines this value.  Having no interest in helping others will violate the foundation for which this organization operated on daily.
  • Excellence – Being better is to continually improve.  Our community is always changing; therefore, our organization must adjust to these changes to accomplish our mission.  If we do not adjust with the community, our quality of life could suffer.
  • Fairness – Being fair is simply treating individuals with respect and equality.  Unfair actions produce a culture of negativity, which will inevitably cause the collapse of once sound principles.
  • Honesty – Being honest is simply being consistent with reality.
  • Integrity – Our principles never change.  Principles are carefully thought out moral codes that support our long-term success.

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United Way of Wilson County