In 1959, the United Fund of Wilson County was organized at a meeting in the Cherry Hotel. The goal for this initial fundraising effort was set at $79,568.30. Today the organization we now call United Way raises more than one-million dollars annually to fund human service agencies for the people of Wilson County. Far from being just a once-a-year presence, United Way is an integral part of the community it serves. Each member agency’s program is a part of a total health, welfare, and character building program designed to meet the needs of the community. Because of this fact, United Way has a responsibility to consider the community program as a whole and each agency’s relation to the total program. United Way helps people help themselves and one another by uniting the community’s volunteer fundraising efforts in a manner that; builds a strong spirit of community volunteerism; responds to needs that can’t be met through public expenditures; is accountable to the giver and the receiver for dollars and programs; operates in a cost effective manner.  
United Way of Wilson County