The L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Leadership Circle

The story of the Giving Tree is about a little boy who played in the shade of the tree, and when hungry, the tree gave him an apple. In later years, the boy wanted a home, so the tree gave him his branches. As a young man, he wanted a boat and the tree gave him his trunk. Each time the tree gave, it made him feel good and he was happy. Many years later, the old man came back to the tree stump and the tree said, “I have nothing more to give.” The old man replied, “I only want a place to rest.” So the Giving Tree said, “Come and sit on me,” and the man did. Again, they were both happy – the tree who continued to be needed and the man with happy memories and peace of mind. 

The L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Leadership Circle was named in memory of an outstanding citizen in Wilson County, Mr. Lowe exemplified the true meaning of “helping others to help themselves”. Through his volunteerism with the United Way of Wilson County, a difference was made in the lives of Wilson County citizens. 

Wilson is the “City of Trees”, therefore the symbol of the “Giving Tree” was adopted to stand for the generosity of those extraordinary members of the L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Leadership Circle

Join with these caring individuals to help give food, security, peace of mind, and much more to the many citizens who need United Way agencies. You too will feel good about all that your gift makes possible. 

The 2020 L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Leadership Circle

Companies & Organizations

The following list includes those companies and organizations that have employees that are members of the L. Vincent Lowe, Jr. Leadership Circle. If a husband and wife pledge a Leadership gift through two places of employment, credit is given to both organizations. In addition, there are over 25 members that have retired from employment, that are not identified by a company/organization in this list. 

A. B. Mini Storages, LLC
Alliance One International
Anthony and Tabb, P.A.
Barton College
Betsy B. Whitt, CPA P.A.
Blackman Insurance
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC
Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC-Retired
Carolina Radiology
Chesson Agency
City of Wilson
Coastal Beverage Co., Inc.
Connor,Bunn,Rogerson and Woodard PLLC
Diversified Opportunities, Inc.
Miller W. Gibbons, D.D.S.
Eastern Carolina Pathology
Eastern Carolina Pathology retired
EmergeOrtho, P.A.
First Wilson Properties
Fresenius Kabi
Greenfield School
Hope Station
John Hackney Agency
Lane and Pridgen, P.A.
Linamar Forgings, Inc.
Merck and Co., Inc.
Microbac Laboratories, Inc.
Narron and Holdford P.A.
NSB, Inc.
Paxton Bonded Storages
Providence Bank
Purdue Pharmaceuticals
Quality Truck Bodies
Regional Medical Oncology Center
Sarreid, Ltd.
Southern Bank
St. John Community Development Corporation, Inc.
State Farm Insurance  
Stephenson Millwork Co.
T. A. Strickland Electrical Co. 
The Spot
Thomas A. Cozart Consulting, Inc.
Towe Insurance Service
United Bank
United Way of Wilson County, Inc.
Vaughan’s Jewelers
Walter S. Linville, D.D.S.
Wesley Shelter
West Insurance Agency
Wilson Chamber of Commerce
Wilson County Library
Wilson County Ofice Of Senior Citizen Affairs
Wilson County Schools
Wilson County Schools-retired
Wilson County Tax Administration
Wilson Crisis Center
Wilson Gastroenterology, P.A. retired
Wilson Housing Authority
Wilson Immediate Care P.A.
Wilson Medical Center
Wilson OB-GYN
Y.O.U.T.H. of Wilson

Chairman’s Society ($5,000-$9,999)

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gira
Joseph Northington
Lyn H. Strickland

President’s Society ($2,500 – $4,999)

Tom and Susan Hackney
William C. Hunter
Phil Marion
William Scott Biddle
Linda and Neill Connor
Robert Teele Rawls

Leadership Society ($1,000 – $2,499)

Alex and Rebecca Agner
Darrin and Darlene Albert
John Anthony
Will and Emily Aycock
Alan and Betty Baker
Teresa Barefoot
William T. Bass
John Wesley Berry
Robert Black
Terri H. Blanton
Mike and Carol Bowen
Gasford N. Brown
Jon and Mary Ann Carlisle
Chris Caskey
Anne Clark
John E. Compliment
Ben and Rebecca Coulter
Bob Cowan
Sallie and Tom Cozart
Janet Curtis
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Daniel
Sharon Dew
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Edmundson
Celena and Matt Edwards
Glenn Faber
Chuck and Cynthia Finklea
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter L. Fleming, III
Mr. and Mrs. Vance T. Forbes, Jr.
Shawn and Alison Ford
James Dalton Fulghum
Robert and Sharon Girardin
Grant and Shannon Goings
Linda and Jeff Hamilton
Ron and Kim Hands
Cynthia Harrell
Wanda G. Harris
Charlie and Lori Herring
Tracy and Cecilia Hottovy
Jerel James
Charles Jarman
Charles and Jacquie Jeffers
Kenneth Johnson
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E. Jones
Mark Jones
Tammie Jude-Reiche
Alison F. Kennedy
Monica J. King
Paige Langston-Tedder
Rodger and April Lentz
Eddie and Oona Lewis
Cherie Lindsay-Chapman
Kari McCollough
Joseph McLamb
Thad Meeker
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Michalak
Mr. and Mrs. Jason C. Mills
Gary and Wayburn Mills
Clark and Mary Etta Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Morello
Ashley W. Narron
Matt and Tobi Nestor
Bea and Eldon Newton, Jr.
Roxane Olson
Norm Osborn
Nancy and Billy Owens
Mr. and Mrs. W. Coalter Paxton
Charles & Brenda Pittman
Al and Stephanie Proctor
James H. Prunty, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Putney
Jerry and Debbie Raper
Mark and Connie Roswell
Nancy G. Sallenger
Alex Sarratt
Dr. and Mrs. Robert N. Satterfield
Matthew Shaw
Lisa L. Skinner
Mrs. Richard T. Smith, Jr.
Eliza and Lee Stephenson, III
Russ and Susan Stephenson
Judi Thurston
Elizabeth H. Tulloss
Harry E. Tyson
Kimberly Van Dyk
Kelly Vick
Henry and Betty Lou Walston
Stephen and Heather Ward
Joel and Audrey Watson
Brian Westcott
Wendy White
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew W. Whitley
Betsy and Steve Whitt
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Wiggins, III
Johnny and Teresa Williams
Margarette and Reeves Williams
Teresa Bridgers Winstead
Wanda and Jerry Woodard
Richard Worsinger
Dr. Lawrence Yenni
Lindsay Yount
Jerry Zemble

Pillars ($500 – $999)

Bill Adams
Susan Agar
Dr. and Mrs. Kent T. Anderson
Stephen Anderson
Felicia D. Artis
Matthew T. Bailey
Virginia & Archer Bane IV
Susan and Jason Baran
David C. Barefoot
Joel Watson Barnes
Melinda Barnes
Erica Barnhill
Licia J. Batchelor
Lisa and Johnny Batchelor
Mary Kelly Best
Robert B. Best
Avis O. Blakeney
Ryan Blalock
Crawford B. Bolton
Doug and Brenda Boone
Robert A. Boswell, Jr.
Merrilyn Boyer
Casey and Victoria Boyette
Benny T. Boykin
Brandon H. Boykin
Terry Boykin
Jerlonda Branch
Danney Brantley
Wilbur Braxton
Keith Brenner
Evan T. Brewer
Elizabeth E. Brock
Cary L. Brown
Darrell Capps
Jim and Cindy Cash
Pedro Cazares
Lorraine M. Chin
David E. Clark
Samantha C. Collins
Charles and Ray Reniece Cowan
Terrance Cox
Cody Crocker
Edward Crockett, Jr.
Glenn Crowder
Karen S.  Crowder
Brandon Currie
Denise Davis
Kellianne Davis
Grady S. Dawson, Jr.
Scott Denny
Pablo Dubusceac
Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. Eagles
Timothy Eaton
Jeffrely Ellis
Donald and Brenda Evans
Nora and Ed Finch
Shane Floars 
Taja Frails
Sheryl Futrell
Carlos Garcia-Osorio
Becky and Miller Gibbons
Courtney Gibbons
Walton Gibbons
Sally L. Gilliland
Greg T. Godard
Berry Godwin
Sidney Ray Grant, Jr.
Tammy Griffin
John N. Hackney, III
Steve Hamlett
Skip & Linda Hanson
Ashley Harris
Sally A. Harris
Nancy and Woody Harrison
Carla Harvey
Douglas S. Haste
Shelton Hedgepeth
James Hendricks
William C. Herring
William F. Hitchcock
Wayne and Janet Holland
Ashley and Diane Hooks
Roger Hudson
Kymberly Jackson
Roy Johansen
Daniel Johnson
Kim and Karen Johnson
Gronna Jones
Patrick Jones
Mike and Angie Kearney
Susan Kellum
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kendall, Jr.
Kathy R. Kennedy
Joseph C. Kirkland
Tim and Dawn Klock
Larry and Kathy Krabill
Mr. & Mrs. Averette M. Lamm
Henry D. Lancaster
Korey Lee
Eric D. Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Walter S. Linville
Jay and McKenzie Long
Bonnie Lucas
Corky and Andra Lucas
Patricia Lucas
Jerry Marraccini
Russell Martin
Theresa A. Mathis
Melanie and Charlie Mauze’
Bernard McLean
Melissa H. Mincey
Tracy Mitchell
Ronnie Moore
Peter Mower
David and Tonja Musick
Vedas Neal
Danny Nichols
Rebecca Nichols
Shannon V. Nichols
Kevin M. O’Brien, Jr.
Brandon Ochoa
Leigh Anne Orr
Kevin Overton
Brad and Leigh Parker
Carrie Parker
Wendy and Robby Parker
Linda Phillips
Tabitha Pierce
David Pietras
Tom & Mary Piggott
Steven Jacob Pittman
Heidi Pope
Kenneth R. and Susan P. Powell
Brian Poythress
Malcom Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Pridgen
Jerry and Lanette Pridgen
Ray Proctor
Tom and Deenie Purinai
Amy Radford
Dexter Radford
Kevin Randolph
Gavin Ray
Lorria Ray
Adam and Rachel Rech
Bridget Reno
Thomas Rhodes, Jr.
Donald Richardson
Stehpanie Robl
Timothy M. Rogers
James F. Rogerson
Jane L. Rosenmarkel
Christopher Sauls
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy H. Sharp
Joni Wilson Shelton
Dr. Sharon Shepard
Warren Shepard
Ericka Simmons
Ryan W. Simons
Brittany Smith
Colton Smith
Eric G. Smith
Kevin Smith
Cody Stallings
Jerry L. Stancil
Virginia Stinely
Tammy Storms
Yulonda Strickland
Michael R. Summers
Angela Taylor
Jimmy E. Taylor
Erika Thomas
Quincy Thompson
Thomas Thorne
Joni Tyson
Bill and Kathy Vaughan
Dusty R. Viverette
Karen Wagamon
Linda Walling
Martha K. Walston
Russell M. Ward
Vince J. Watson
Robin Weatherford
Christopher Webb
David West
Sandy and Tonya West
Carolyn Wester
Lynne White & Jack Mobilia
James R. Williams
Joseph B. Williams
Harold and Diana Williams
Shonecia Williams
Linda R. Williamson
Denise and David Wilson
Melanie E. Wink
Gail Zeigler
United Way of Wilson County